1. Still Love You

From the recording ALL SHE WROTE

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Lyrics - Cyn Tremeau
Music - Cyn Tremeau and Mike Ault
Vocals - Cyn Tremeau
Guitar(s) - Mike Ault
Bass - Eric Scott
Drums - Andy Hamburger

Recorded at Cue Studios
Engineer - Sean Russell
Producer/Mix - Jim Ebert
Master - Bill Wolf


Sometimes our meters work
Sometimes they don't
Our intuition has a mind of it's own
Over sensing
Reactions get the best of no one

Eyes will wander
Thoughts will too
I cannot see
Your point of view
I just feel the pain
When you're not around
I will not follow you
All over town

Am I being used
I feel so abused
I'm left all confused
Do I even know you
Are your lines all true
Am I just a fool
Feels like I
Shouldn't love you

One little lie
Is all it takes
To make me think
You're a fake
Your mask starts slipping
I am flipping
I want to put it all
Back in place


The fog is lifting
The mist is thinning out
The lights shined a moment
And I see you now
Stay away
Don't break me down
Stay away
Don't break me down

It wasn't easy
To get free
The doubts still linger
What could we be?
But in my heart of hearts
I miss all the ways
My crazy love for you
Made me feel

Was I being used
Was I just abused
I'm left all confused
Did I even know you
Were your lines all true
Was I just a fool
Feels like I
Still love you